By Henrik Ibsen
theoretical model
Far Away
By Caryl Churchill costume design &
theoretical model
Crossing the River
Lund Theater
Choreography: Jinglin Liao
Lighting Design: Dylan Phillips
The Grand Inquisitor
By Fyodor Dostoyevsky
theoretical model
Adapted screenplay, character design, and production design by Dorothy Zhu
Animation: Madeline Dunphy, Warren Fok
By Heiner Muller
concept illustrations & theoretical model

Qihui Dorothy Zhu

Dorothy Zhu is a scenographer, visual artist, and production designer for performance, film, and animation. She received her Bachelor’s degree in graphic design and her Master’s degree in scenic and costume design. Her design work for performance include “Salome” (2016), “Inferno” (2016), “Soldier Feelings” (2016), “Crossing the River” (2017). Her production design work for film and animation include “Invasive Species” (2015), “The Grand Inquisitor” (2018), and “Butterfly” (2018).

Affiliation: CalArts
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