Scarlett Kim, Direction. Alex Grover, Scenery. X Hill, Costumes. Dylan Phillips, Light. Chris Kim, Video. Photo by Alex Grover.
Blake Beckham, Choreography. Blake Williams, Score. Dana Haugaard, Scenery. Dylan Phillips, Light. Nicole Moreland, Costumes. Photo by Kelly Blackmon.
Blake Harris, Direction. Alex Grover, Scenery. Yonit Olshan, Costumes. Dylan Phillips, Light. Trey Gilmore, Video.
Five Seasons
Kira Blazek Ziaii, Choreography. Eugene Yen, Video. Dylan Phillips, Light. Dan Gower, Sound.
Cobblefuck Stonetown
Scarlett Kim, Direction. Dylan Phillips, Light. Alex Grover, Scenery. Dan Gower, Sound. Lynn Thonet, Costumes.

Dylan Phillips

Dylan Phillips is a lighting designer; his work ranges across multiple mediums and platforms. His work seeks the connective tissue between physical action and the space around it; where the medium of light is contingent on its inhabitants.

From theater, dance, corporate experience, devised performance in a parking lot, pop-up galleries in vacant warehouses, a dumpster installation series through and about Atlanta, performance installation on a rooftop overlooking skid row, and dance performance in a sixteen-foot box truck.

Recent works include Entity Dance’s Peel, presented at LATC, The End The End The End, presented at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and Brief Chronicle: Book 6-8 at Son of Semele. Before coming to CalArts, Dylan worked as Resident Lighting Designer at the Goat Farm Art Center developing lighting for installation artists, large gallery spaces, and concerts including Mac Demarco, Black Lips, and Yip Deceiver.

Affiliation: CalArts
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