Concept for Mrs. D and Her Maids
Concept for The Dolls of New Albion
The Gunshot Medley (Edinburgh Fringe)
The End, The End, The End (Edinburgh Fringe)
Trolls, Peer/Gynt (CalArts)

Chardonnay Tobar

Chardonnay Tobar is a Costume Designer from Los Angeles, CA. She has an MFA in Performance Design from The California Institute of the Arts and a BFA in Textiles from The Oregon College of Art and Craft. Her work in theater, dance, and film has been featured in Miami, Portland, Los Angeles, and Edinburgh, with projects including God’s Gracie (USC), The Gunshot Medley (Edinburgh Fringe), The End, The End, The End (Edinburgh Fringe), Peer/Gynt (CalArts), Booth (Model 05 Productions), and Kolob (Sharon Disney Lund Dance Theater). She loves detail and enjoys including things in her work that illicit a subliminal understanding of how a character functions.

Affiliation: CalArts
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